Noflakes in December…

So…things have been going really well. My last post was in anticipation of the movie Twilight, which I saw and as expected, hated. It was too goofy, too thin, too scattered. There was no romance. I don’t mean lovey dovey romance…which there surely is at its lamest. Its hard to explain since the word romance has come to be a watered down version of what it used to mean. It wasn’t always roses and love letters and to some people, the few true romantics left, it still means what it should.

I’ve been having a lot of fun in New Hampshire. I’m involved in too many things. Just finishing up an internship at Tracey Edwards which has been less than stimulating and rather boring and uninvolved…their loss. I ref dodgeball once a week out in Portsmouth which has been ridiculously fun. It’s an adult league, 21 and up, with a great mix of people. I like to imagine I’m the favorite ref since I announce each game as if it were a heavy weight boxing match, but who knows. Its fun interacting with them all either way and also seeing grown men throw hissy fits like 5 year olds. Playoffs are coming up which I think I will enjoy thoroughly, after that a new league starts, I’ll be playing in that one which is something I’ve been missing since leaving RIT.

I missed Steph and Tyler’s wedding in November, truly heart breaking. Looking at all the pictures and videos online was bittersweet, you can’t help but be happy for them. Congratulations you two, I send all my love.

While that was the depressing part of November, something good came from the same weekend. I hosted the first NH DPHH event. In all truth I wasn’t sure what to expect as far as turnout went, I would have been happy with 10-20 people showing up. Imagine my surprise to find 25 people at the bar before I even arrived. It was an amazing night, over 60 people showed up and I made sure to meet every single one of them. Remembering their names is a different story altogether. This one woman named Glenys was overly nice, she was calling me cute all night (shes married with kids) and pointing out every female in attendance who was single. And I’m pretty sure the one gay guy in attendance already has a crush on me. What can I say, I’m a dick magnet.

I do sign language instruction once a week up in Plymouth with a young family. The kids are adorable, the parents are into rock climbing and the pay is just ridiculous. Speaking of rock climbing, that’s been going well too. Unfortunately the climbing wall project never got on two legs, but I’ve installed a pull up bar in the basement and plan to get a simplified training thingy and put that up as well. Erik and I have been hitting up the local gym regularly as well as checking out gyms in Conn. and outside of Boston, and also doing a lot of outdoor bouldering. He’s a good climbing partner, better frame for climbing being 2 inches taller and like 40 pounds lighter. Awhile ago he got cocky and challenged me to an arm wrestle, he hasn’t brought them up since.

What else…oh yeah, web design. That’s been going real well too, I’ve got two paying clients now, which is really thrilling. Mom wants to frame the first check I got, she’s way too proud. Hopefully this will lead to bigger and better things but first there’s a ton of work to be done. Which is why this will probably be my last blog post here for a good long while. I’m not even sure that I’ll be back to update it, there’s a multitude of other projects calling my name all day long. I’m much more interested in those than droning on and on about myself.

Keep in touch kids…



One Response to “Noflakes in December…”

  1. good to hear an update of what’s been going on with you since that was due in arizona. sounds like you’ve got quite a good few things happening for you-the things i know you for- dodgeball, climbing, socializing, etc 🙂

    twilight movie was a disappointment then? i just finished the first book–obsession for reading the second has finally died out recently so i can read it when semester is over.

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