The Twilight Series

So, about a week ago I finished the fourth installment in the Twilight series.  Chances are you might have heard of this in some form.  Whether it be the books which have been huge hits, predominantly the female market, or the movie which premieres later this month.  Having read the books, I can understand the hype, the movie has been slowly generating buzz being called the next Harry Potter.

The books are written by Stephenie Meyer, a mormon mom from…Washington I think?  And to be honest they really are awesome.  I could hardly put them down, though truth be told that tends to be the same with a majority of the books I read.  I can say however that the story is the best that features vampires that I have ever heard, read or seen.  The author brings fresh and original ideas to this genre.

The books greatest strength in its portrayal of relationships, most notably the love triangle between Edward, Bella and Jacob.  However it also resonates in the Cullen family, relationships between vampires and werewolves and between the “vegetarian” Cullens and the rest of the vamp population.  This focus on relationships probably explains why the books are so popular with women.  In some places the books dragged a bit and were slightly cheesy and overly mushy, though it obviously wasn’t enough to deter me.

The most disappointing aspect was the lack of real action.  Meyer has a knack for building suspense and setting the stage for a great showdown but falls short of delivering a satisfying climax.  There is one great fight/action sequence in the third book that I loved and numerous points where the suspense gets amped up and drew me in, on the whole I was somewhat let down though.

The movie….I have quite a few problems with it already.  For one it feels rushed, which is understandable since the book series doesn’t seem like it will continue for the moment and the studio wants to capitalize on the hype following the release of Breaking Dawn (the fourth book).  The casting has a few selections I’m not crazy about, but the primary characters of Edward, Bella, Jacob and most of the Cullen family seem fine, with the exception of Carlisle.  I’ll reserve judgement for now though.  The filmmaker, I forget her name, she did Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, I honestly feel like shes going to fuck the movie up with trying to put more action into it.  First off it’s tasteless and fake looking, from the way Edward runs (he’s fast), scampers up trees (seriously wtf?) and fights (the absolute fucking cheesiest crap).  Its clear that she threw these in there to try to attract a male audience, which is something I totally get behind since the films need more action than the books provide.  But damn if you’re gonna do something you have to do it right.  Take a look around, its the comic book movie age, fight scenes are cooler, more stylish and better done than ever.  These vampires should be the epitome of stylish movements, in the book they are.  They’re fast, strong, nible and dexterous, in the movie they look like humans on wires.  Ultimately I’m just afraid that this aspect will kill the movie’s credibility.  If you’re gonna put all that action in either do it right, or don’t do it at all.

That being said, teen girls are going to make this a hit because they all want their own obsessed vampire to fuck them roughly and cover their body in bruises. (That got your attention eh?)

I can see the film pulling in $130 mil.


2 Responses to “The Twilight Series”

  1. Female market, you mean?
    How come?

  2. fourshots Says:

    Well, as I said the book puts a lot of focus on relationships, the story is based around an ongoing romance, and it’s told from a female perspective. Check out some excerpts on

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