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Posted in Uncategorized on October 27, 2008 by fourshots

How much time has past, tell me do you remember when I saw you last?

Words rolled off your lips stumbling soundlessly onto mine, climbing slowly into my head

If you only knew what I knew then.

Everything was different but nothing had changed, nothing has changed.

I was walking in the woods, no direction and with my two oldest friends.  What we sought we did not know, only something new, the unseen.  We came upon a clearing, a grove if you will, with giant immense rocks littered all throughout.  We jumped and ducked and wound all around the stones and came upon a sight truly to behold.

A giant granite stone, upon it undergrowth, a sea of ancient ferns, greener than the earth.

Slightly to its side a massive tree unearthed, broken was its trunk while death was at its door.

The leaves were brightly colored, orange at it’s best but quickly fading out and dying like the rest.

I spoke unto my friend, we must surely take this picture but no picture could be taken as the batteries were dead.

To share I’ve done my best, though this poem will surely fall short but it’s beauty will live on, just only in my head.