So, I’m downloading a new song for the first time in about 2 months.  I have to put it on my ipod after which contains a playlist that hasn’t changed since I left Rochester.  About time really.  I’m sorry what was that?  Oh you want to know which song? Oh yes, where are my manners?  Its called Seasons by Good Charlotte.  At this point I can’t really remember how it goes but I do remember liking it so that’ll work.

While I wait for this ipod to hurry up and sync up, whats another song I should get.  You know I used to have 10,000+ songs, now I only have 103, and I’m having trouble thinking of one to download.  Sillyness.  (by the way, yes, that was an invitation for everyone who reads this to recommend a song)  So…..I’m gonna get (drumroll please):

  1. I don’t know
  2. I haven’t heard run-around by blues traveller in awhile…I like that one
  3. I love how when i look up run around in limewire the first search result is “run around sexy girl has shaking orgasm during sex”
  4. Okay what else…
  5. So yeah, you guys should recommend some songs…they don’t have to be new, they should be good though.

Right okay Seasons, so I thought of all that because I while I’ve always been equally divided over which season is my favorite, I think Autumn might be taking a lead.  I am….oddly excited about it this year.  Mainly because it’s so fucking gorgeous up here in New Hampshire.  Carting off to New York for the past six years most definitely has something to do with it.  NY has nothing on NH in terms of Fall Foliage.  I’ll have my latest sample of web design ready for display soon, it has an Autumn theme to it.

Full moons are really bright.  I’ve definitely been overly conscious of how much light they cast for the past few days.

When I got home tonight it smelled like strawberries outside my house.


Ipod software is updating….take foreva come on come on.

I’m reading the lyrics to Seasons and starting to wonder whether it was a good idea to download this song.

No point in jumping to conclusions.

Syncing up now.

I have to say I love the lyrics of Run Around, John Popper has got some skillz.  The first refrain is clearly the best, wait…is a refrain a chorus…I have no idea, the first set of lyrics before the chorus is the best.  Mhm, I know this because I know all the lyrics by heart and if you ever happened to disagree with me over what they were you would find yourself wrong every time, so yeah.

I wish I weren’t apple software retarded, I could totally be done with this process by now.  Mind you 15 minutes has past since I started.  Thats probably a low estimate.

Oh hey all of a sudden I can remember what that seasons song goes like.  I’m less excited to hear it now, only kind of though.

Tomorrow is going to be a good day, next week should kick some serious ass as well.  Oh fuck I just jinxed it, no point in deleting it.

This really is getting drawn out, I should have used my high speed usb port, I was all like oh it won’t take long at all.

Freecell ftw

I lost, because I rushed it.

You lose because you rush, thats the first rule of Halo.

The second rule of Halo is, learn to rush better than the other guy.

The third rule is something like, “Win, or run the risk of inexplicably cursing at the screen which will most likely cause your peers to come over and chide you with the always helpful remarks of ‘Dude you need to chill its just a game’ because that kind of thing helps.”

I was just kidding about losing in freecell.  I won.

Omg the ipod is done.

*Listens to Seasons*

I’m not so sure I needed that one.


I still like it though.


2 Responses to “Seasons”

  1. midnightcurls Says:

    that’s an OLD song!! but you’re right it’s a good song 🙂

  2. jimmy eat world- big casino

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