These are some of the lies I’ve told my 3 year old nephew recently…


A long time ago, the sun and the moon got into a fight.

The trees are always whispering to each other.

The noises you hear in the middle of the night, are all us adults riding roller coasters.

Books get lonely too.

If you’re really really quiet, you can hear the clouds rub against the sky.

There are invisible strings connecting you to everyone.

I will always be there.


11 Responses to “Lies”

  1. I really like the third lie. They’re all good lies; nothing harmful. Well, except for the last one. Why is that one a lie? You should always be there for him..

  2. aww, come up with the wildest thoughts!

  3. the last one. tsk.

    what happened when the sun and the moon got into a fight?

    those are some neat lies neil. you’re clever.

  4. I suppose when the sun and moon got into a fight, they had to learn to share the sky

  5. since when is he 3?

  6. oo did i kick the moon’s ass?

  7. @dee – if you talked to him recently you’d see he’s a lot more three than two 😛

    @amy – it would appear that you certainly did kick the moon’s ass, that would explain that huge crater we always see

  8. i thought his birthday was in november?? p.s.- how can i talk to him if i’m never invited to see him??

  9. you were.

  10. maybe i will take your MOM up on that offer then.

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