Pulse Happy Hour and The Belligerent Drunk

This past weekend I went into Boston to meet up with a bunch of my friends from RIT.  We had planned to go to this Pulse Happy Hour event which is basically a bunch of deaf people meeting up at a bar.  These are held in the larger cities around the nation or anywhere where there’s a significant deaf population.  So I head out to the city with three of my friends and we grab dinner at the Cask n Flagon next to Fenway.  The bar hosting the event is just around the corner so we walk over after dinner, arriving shortly after 9pm.

As we arrive at the bar the four of us pretty much split into pairs, the two girls wandering off while the dicks got right to drinking.  My buddy is a good guy who I played ultimate frisbee with back at school, we’ll call him Hollister for the purposes of this story.  Anyways, he and I jumped into the act of wasting large amounts of money on ridiculously overpriced drinks.

The night is going very pleasantly as more and more people we know show up as the hours pass.  At some point some random girl asked if Hollister and I were brothers, to which I said duhhh you didn’t know?  We decided that I was the more oral one and he was the more deaf one and played this story to everyone we could for the rest of the night.  I also did this great imitation of an angels fan.  The ball game was on and at one point where Buccholtz was sucking as is routine, I had glanced away from the TV and then back quickly and the first impression I got was that he had gotten an out.  So I started clapping and cheering which for some reason makes 3 girls standing right near me look at me like I’ve just called them each filthy whores.  I looked back at the TV and discovered that what happened in fact was that Buccholtz gave up a 2 run single, whoops.  Hollister, who is a Yankee fan, finds this hilarious, so do the 3 girls, hell so did I.  Hey at least some people have a sense of humor.

There were plenty of people I don’t know and one girl in particular that keeps claiming to have met me somewhere and that I look familiar.  This is the truth, she did look familiar but I was in no mind to play this one straight so I kept shrugging her claims off saying that we’ve never met.  Now this happens a few times over the course of an hour or two and at some point in time she decided that I was just being mean.  Now of course Hollister gets involved in this too and we both start teasing her a bit here and there but it quickly becomes apparent that shes a bit of a prude and has a terrible sense of humor.  Understand that my general frame of thought was closer to something like “she’s cute who gives a shit what nonsense comes out of her mouth” than any other form of rational thought.  The night appears to be rounding off without any bumps as the bar closes up, Hollister and I finish our last minute drinks and we all file outside.

Now I’d like to take a moment to make this clear.  Regarding the girl from the above paragraph, at no point was I ever really mean to her.  I never said anything disrespectful or insulted her or called her any kind of not nice name.  The worst I could be accused of is harmless flirting which I do with pretty much every member of the female race. (That does not include my family…pervs!)

With that said, the girl has decided to go to the pizza place next door with this big guy.  Hollister and I are being ushered along by the girls we’re with when I decide to grab his arm and run up to the windo of the pizza place.  Ya know just to give the “girl who doesn’t know me” some parting memories.  I don’t remember exactly what we did but it was some combination of laughing, silly faces and confusing gestures.  Bear in mind we are somewhat inebriated at this point.  So after about 20 seconds Hollister comes to senses and asks me what we’re doing.  I don’t really know so we stopped and waved by and started walking away.

I can’t really explain what happened next but I like to think of it as my spider sense kicking in.  Basically all I did was decide to look behind me but a damn good decision that was because I see the same guy who went to the pizza place with the girl.  And not only do I see him but I see him lumbering straight towards me.  As soon as I turned around and he’s maybe five feet away from me, he goes into this awkward jump attack of sorts.  Luckily for me he’s kind of slow and I can easily move out of the way and back the hell up because at this point I have absolutely no interest in messing around with this kid.  I mean you have to understand this kid easily has 100 pounds on me, he’s maybe 6’3″ and just much larger.  So we get all “what the fuck are you doing”, “back the fuck off asshole” while the girl is trying to get him to calm down but she’s like 10 pounds compared to his 300.

All of a sudden and much to my surprise Hollister who I should point out weighs less than I do, decides to get right in this kid’s face.  With the girl between them the two go back and forth for a while and it seems like Hollister is just trying to get him to calm down and go pack on a few more pounds with some slices of pizza.  It almost worked too.  Over the course of 30 seconds things have calmed down, I backed off immediately because it appeared at though it was me the guy wanted to kill while Hollister is about 20 feet away at the door of the pizza place and the girl and guy have gone back inside.

This next sequence of action happens in one smooth motion.  Hollister has backed away from the door a bit.  The door bursts open, a belligerent drunk has emerged running.  The belligerent drunk just completely lays a right hook squarely to Hollister’s jaw.  Belligerent drunk does not stop moving and has proceeded to sprint into the road and up the street.  Hollister takes punch number two, the right side of face hitting pavement.  Stupid girl is being stupid.  It takes me a good five seconds to even process this.  I consider running after the guy but more violence isn’t going to help this situation and also said violence would probably be inflicted primarily on me unless I found a large brick to hit him with.

So yeah, we helped Hollister register his senses again, considered a hospital but he ultimately decided to just head home and get some sleep.  I’d like to point out that Hollister became a personal hero of mine as a result of these events.

The Aftermath – Stupid girl gave me her number (pimpinnnn) so I could let her know about how Hollister was doing.  Hollister fractured his jaw in two spots and will be having surgery.  We found out belligerent drunk’s name and are pressing charges.  Random acts of violence typically shouldn’t happen in areas where everyone knows your name and can identify you.

Thank god for dumb people.


3 Responses to “Pulse Happy Hour and The Belligerent Drunk”

  1. Haha go Hollister!! I’ve already heard this story and damn wtf. And what did you really do right when Hollister just got punched? Seemed like you just stood there not knowing what to do or something? Tsk.

    Yes – Hollister is an awesome hero. What he did was EPIC.

  2. fourshots Says:

    That’s exactly what happened. It’s easy to look at the situation and say oh I would’ve done this or that or chased the damn guy into the heart of the city. But what would you do when you caught up with him?

    I did the only thing that I knew was the right thing and that was making sure Hollister was alright and if he needed any medical attention to make sure he got it asap.

  3. After talking with few witnesses about the identity of this big-assed-punch-throwing guy, I realized that he is a guy I actually used to hate in the past but never met him face to face. Long story, really. IM me if you want details.

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