Design Stuff

A lot of my time recently has been devoted towards webwork.  Obviously you can see I’ve changed the look of the site, opting for a darker format.  The ultimate color scheme I go with will depend on what I choose for my personal site that I plan to get online within the next couple of weeks.  I’ve also finally added some links which you can see to the right —-> ovar thar.

I’ll try to remember to post the interesting and funny things I find around online, speaking of which I just found this sillyness: Click for Funny

I feel over burdened at the moment, theres just so much I need to be doing, should be doing and want to be doing.  There’s not enough minutes in the day for all of it.  Doesn’t it just drive you nuts when there aren’t enough minutes.

That being said I’d like to propose a more abstract concept of time for us all to live by.  Where a day can’t run out of minutes because it won’t be over until you say it’s over.  Instead of feeling the pressure of time we’ll be able to focus easier on what we’re doing.  Of course as soon as you begin to imagine the concept you realize just how much it wouldn’t be practical.  But you have to take into account that that’s the whole point.  Organizations would crumble, some people wouldn’t be able to handle it, some would.  The point is that it’d be something different and whos to say it wouldn’t work.  Sure it wouldn’t be for everyone, but maybe neither is the system we have now.


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