What The Fuck

Two hours have past, we’re still waiting for my dad.  I’ve been sucking down a mixture of half a bottle of rum, gatorade and red bull for the past hour and read nearly the entire Tucker Max book that I was planning on reading on the ride up.  I guess I’ll have to read Think and Grow Rich, I was gonna post this great section of the book that goes on and on about Love and whatnot.  Seriously its about the last thing you’d expect from a book of its title. Sage advice indeed.  Oh theres my dad’s car, time to get down and dirty.

Peace out kids.

By the way I’m obsessed with the songs from Across the Universe, who knew the Beatles were actually good.  Or maybe they just sound better when they’re not sung by a group of drug addled britian preps.  These are the best 5 songs in my superior opinion:

  1. Hold me Tight
  2. Dear Prudence
  3. It Won’t Be Long
  4. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  5. Come Together

They’re really good and no I’m not lovesick the damn movie just happens to be another love story like every other musical I like.


2 Responses to “What The Fuck”

  1. midnightcurls Says:

    haha.. just like rent, you’re hooooked!! wish we were able to meet up yesterday!

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