It’s Been Awhile

So….sorry, it’s been awhile I know.

What happened in the past week?  A rather disappointing trip to Boston over the weekend, don’t get me wrong it was great to see friends from Rochester but when you mix that with a jilted bitchy ex it leaves a sour taste.

Did more kayaking and fishing with Manic on Monday.  Oh I also started reading “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell” by Tucker Max and he does this thing where he just gives all his friends nicknames and refers to them as so in all his writing.  I’m doing the same, that friend is Manic because he’s the kind of guy who refuses to be bored for any period of time.  For the record now that I’ve started reading Tucker’s book that makes it four books I’m reading at one time now.  Oh and also I started reading the book because one of my friends who came to Boston, we’ll call him Voyeur because he loves underage girls, he bought the book and I started reading it Sunday morning since everyone else slept in like they were on a crack binge the night before.  So once he left I was like awww I can’t read it but recalled that I bought it for my brother in law a couple years ago who I saw today and borrowed it from.  And just for the record it looks like he never read it, whatever his loss cause shit is funny and you should check it out just google him for some good stuff.

Over the next couple days I put a ridiculous amount of time into some website work for my brother and I can safely say it’s shaping up to be the most impressive piece of web work I’ve ever created.

I watched The Diving Bell and The Butterfly the other day, it was strangely entrancing and I’ll have a review out shortly.

This weekend is the annual DuPaul/Viola weekend which I am greatly looking forward to.  It looks like everyone except for Wild Child will be there this year.  We also have this sweet new game to play, Polish Horse Shoes.  I’ll go into detail about the rules later but lets just say it involves beer bottles, two wooden sticks and a frisbee….a recipe for fun if I ever saw one.

Okay peace I’m going to see Wanted.


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