I got this film a short while ago and found myself sitting down to watch it today.  My main reason for doing so was because I wanted to see James McAvoy in action before checking out Wanted this weekend.  It’s a movie that has been very well recieved by audiences and critics alike.  Based off of Ian McEwan’s novel of the same name, Atonement is quite the captivating film.  Two aspects of this film stood out to me, the first and most important is the performances the film gets out of it’s three lead actors.  Keira Knightly and McAvoy both turn in powerful performances, McAvoy most notably.  He performs with such passion that it becomes evident in every expression on his face, thats where most of his acting is in any case.  I said three lead actors because there’s another character who drives the story, the role is split between two actresses (well three if you count the last two minutes of the movie.)  The actress who plays the young girl totally nails it, when we see her five years later I wasn’t so sold on that actress who steps in the part.  That’s not to say the older actress does a bad job, it’s easy to think so in the company of such great performances.  So the second aspect of this film is its cinematography.  There are sequences that are amazingly done to capture the vibe of moments, that rush of emotion that surrounds regret, excitement or love.  It’s a tough thing to do with a camera which makes it all the more enjoyable when someone gets it right.

Speaking of camerawork, before I mentioned I was watching Atonement because I wanted to see McAvoy before checking him out in Wanted, which comes out this weekend.  You should all go see Wanted, for a number of reasons.

  1. After seeing Atonement I’m sold on McAvoy, anyone who can express so much without saying a word deserves the benefit of the doubt.  I have no doubt his performance in Wanted will rock, as long as it’s in the hands of capable people…which brings me to point two.
  2. Timur Bekmambetov, Russia’s greatest export since…well vodka or something I don’t know.  This guy can handle actors, he gets great performances and he can structure his films very well.  He also can produce stunning visual sequences that will make your jaw drop.
  3. Angelina Jolie, come on….those tattoos are friggen hot.

I’m banking alot of my credibility as a critic on this movie delievering.  In all fairness though, Wanted won’t be for everyone.  However if you’re the kind of person who approaches films with an open mind, I doubt you’d walk away from it disappointed.

I finally updated my about page and expect a change in this design soon.

**Also, I meant to mention that McAvoy is rumored to be playing Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit.  It fits, he can do fantasy characters, the only role I knew him in was in the first Chronicles of Narnia, he played the Faun…which for some reason makes me lol all ovar.


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