The Thin Line Between Love and Hate

The night before leaving NY I went to a friend’s place and brought along my trusty external hard drive.  It’s a Western Digital My Book, 320 gigs with the phrase “Put your life on it” lovingly adorned on the box.  Well that’s exactly what I did, 140 movies, all three seasons of Weeds, 10,000 songs and the past six years in photos.  Because of my friend’s uber intelligent mac book, all of these items are now inaccessible.

The PC memory recovery shop wasn’t too much help but claim there is hope, I need to find a mac shop since the drive has been formatted for a mac now.  If I don’t get all that stuff back, that’ll be depressing.  Aside from thousands of dollars worth of media being on there, there’s alot of personal stuff, alot of memories.  Fuck you Western Digital and screw you Time Machine.

There’s so much hate stirring around in me these days, I’m really not the hating kind so I’m not quite comfortable with this.  The problem is I don’t know where to direct it, I’m not even sure where its from.  I’m sure anyone who knows me can venture obvious guesses but there has to be something deeper at work here, if you knew everything I did you’d agree.  I had a bad day today, bad morning actually.  Letting myself get too idle leads to no good, sitting around and thinking a bit too much.  The concept of there being a thin line between love and hate is one thats easy to look at and think or assume you understand, but until you find yourself walking along that line precariously peering over the alternate edges and feeling yourself pulled each way, well you won’t really get it until you do.


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