Project Climbing Wall: Location Allocation

Today I took my first official steps towards making this climbing wall happen, here’s the down low.  The parents aren’t completely on board with the idea, part of this is because they feel I should focus on finding a job right now.  This is understandable and I am finding one but if you’ve ever been on a real job search before, you know its one of the most depressing and discouraging things in the world.  Its no reason not to mix things up, to stifle your creativity and not get your frustration out in healthy ways.  So for the time being I’ve gone undercover with the assistance of my brother.  We’re just trying to help get the house in order by cleaning out the attic and basement which incidentally happen to be the two locations I’ve scouted for my wall.

Today we started on the attic.  The attic is by far the best location for the wall simply because nearly all the ground work already exists.  The roofing provides the perfect structure to put the wall up and runs at a 45 degreeish angle that’ll provide for challenging climbs.  There’s also plenty of room for quite an extensive project, if it ever gets to that.  There are a couple drawbacks to the attic though, number one is the heat, holy hell its hot up there so proper ventilation would be essential, either that or I can pretend I’m climbing things in the desert and sweat out 20 pounds each session.  The second is the fact that you’re on the topmost floor in the house, when you fall everyone knows it.  That means no late night climbing sessions yadda yadda, not too big of a deal.  The third problem is the one we started solving today, the whole cleaning up thing.  Holy crap we have so much stuff up there, I’ve taken some “before” pictures so that when we do finish you’ll gasp and say wow and stuff like that.

There are two sides to the attic, with the stairs coming up the middle.  To the left of the stairs is the larger side that resides over the kids bedrooms and what not.  To the right is the smaller side that hovers over the parent’s bedroom.  We’ll call the left side the climbing side, since that’s where we’d ideally like to put it and the latter will be the storage side, since that’s where we plan to fit….well everything.

Pictures are below, the first two are of the climbing side:

Climb Side #2

These next two are of the “Storage Side”

Today consisted of four hours of moving things around between three piles; keepers, trash and yard sale stuff.  If you can’t tell from the pictures, the attic is pretty much already full.  This made the process of actually moving things fairly difficult and to be perfectly honest after the four hours were up, depending on where you stood, well it kind of looked the same.  We aren’t nearly done yet but we did get a large bulk of it finished.  Tomorrow I’ll be heading back up there to make some more progress and when the results actually start showing I’ll post more pictures.

P.S. – I Love You (I finally finished that movie tonight after starting it like a month ago, it was easier to watch this time around)

P.P.S. – The damn picture upload gallery on this wordpress client is on crack cocaine.  It makes no sense to me, no sense whatsoever.  With that said, I’ll figure it out soon.


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