5 Movies You Probably Haven’t Seen But Should See As Soon As Humanly Possible

I figured the best way to get this section off to a good start was to give a list of some of the movies that have flown under most audiences radars despite being great films that deserved much more attention.  Bear in mind this list is in no way comprehensive as there’s just no way I could remember every great movie I’ve seen and simply haven’t seen every movie.  As well as there being plenty of great films that have flown under my extra large radar, feel free to comment and point out great ones I’ve missed or disagree and call me an incomprehensible idiot for ever suggesting these.

Dirty Love DVD

5. Dirty Love

Starring – Jenny McCarthy, Eddie Kaye Thomas and Carmen Electra

I know, I know and I get it, but for one second forget every attempt at humor Miss McCarthy has ever made.  Forget Singled Out, forget The Jenny McCarthy Show and forget all those spreads in Playboy, well not those actually.  Dirty Love despite being panned across the board by most reviewers is one of the funnier films that I have seen.  I think the humor caters a lot towards a younger audience and you definitely have to approach this film with an open mind.  I actually started out watching it expecting to hate it but halfway through the film I was in tears…tears from laughter that is.  Its got such a unique swagger to its humor that you can tell it was written by a female (McCarthy wrote it for anyone who didn’t pick that up) and it really is genuinely silly fun.  All I can say is everyone who was present when I watched it thoroughly enjoyed it as well, you probably will too if you give it the chance.

Little Miss Sunshine

4. Little Miss Sunshine

Starring – Abigale Breslin, Greg Kinnear and Steve Carell

I’m very conflicted in putting this on my list simply because I’m not so sure its flown under anyone’s radar.  I mean we all know it did at first but then everyone and their mother was all SEE THIS FILM, and I think a lot those people actually did go out and see it, and loved it of course.  So for the few of you who haven’t seen this film, do so as soon as possible.

Thank You for Smoking

3. Thank You For Smoking

Starring – Aaron Eckhart, Eric Haberman and J.K. Simmons

What Jerry Maguire was for Tom Cruise, Thank You For Smoking is for Aaron Eckhart, only without ya’know the kind of instant celebrity that came to Tom afterward.  Though wait a minute, in all fairness Tom Cruise was already a very established star before Jerry Maguire and the appeal of Jerry Maguire was one that catered to a much larger audience.  Jerry Maguire was a feel good movie with a lot of heart, Thank You For Smoking is a satirical comedy with just as much heart.  Aaron Eckhart owns this movie from start to finish and really delivers a quality film that is both funny, insightful and touching.  It absolutely amazes me that more people have not seen this film.


2. Nightwatch/Daywatch

Starring – No one you know

These two movies if given the chance, time and focus they require for you to completely understand what is happening, will blow your mind.  The only reason these are not higher on this list is because I don’t have enough confidence in my readers to fully appreciate these for what they are.  Think sci-fi and fantasy brought completely modern in ways you have never imagined.  This series is frightening and inspired and amazingly original in its ideas.  Granted its all based off of books yes but I’ve never read those so its all new to me here on film.  Timur Bekmambetov, the director, is a master of visual arts.  If you can’t bring yourself around to watch these at least check out his American debut this summer with Wanted (which I pretty much guarantee will kick some serious ass).  Also for those of you who do actually enjoy these films, the third and final chapter, Duskwatch is coming up.  Don’t worry, I’ll be on top of it right here.


1. Brick

Starring – Jason Gordon-Levitt, Nora Zehetner and Luke Haas

“Film noir meets high school” That’s the tag line for this film or “A Detective Story” and either one works.  This film for lack of better description is just so damn cool!! For an indie film to pull of a masterpiece like this is so rare and an amazing accomplishment for rookie director Rian Johnson.  Jason Gordon-Levitt shines and plays his part to perfection.  He’s funny, likable and keeps us on the edge about what exactly drives him through this story.  The pacing of the film is probably a bit fast for most people but if you can keep up with the dialogue you’ll love it.  Never before have high school kids been this smart or sharp.  And ultimately it keeps you guessing til the very end.  These guys knocked this film out of the park.

I started this list with the intention of giving you 10 movies, but that was looking a bit challenging so I cut it down to five which I think works better for all means and purposes.  There’s something for everyone in this list, (okay so theres no romantic comedy chick flick, but ladies trust me you’ll love the humor of Dirty Love, I’ll work on the chick flick part).  So the next time you’re at Blockbuster walk right by the run of the mill Hollywood flick and check out some of these, they’re all fairly recent so you shouldn’t have trouble finding them and I guarantee you’ll be glad you picked them up.


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