The Full House

One of the most interesting aspects of moving home is the amout of people living at home right now.  Theres Mom and Dad, my brother Chris his wife Lauren and their son Isaac.  Theres also a new baby due to arrive in August and oh apparently they haven’t decided on a name yet.  I think it’s just that Lauren doesn’t like Brooke.  I was in the car with the three of them the other day, chatting with Isaac in the back and asking him about his new sister.  Then I started teaching him her name at which point Lauren piped up and said “Her name isn’t Brooke!”  Which was news to me and apparently news to my brother as well.  See, I guess the deal was that Lauren would pick the first baby’s name and then Chris the second and so on (they want four!!!!).  Really thought I don’t think Chris really cares as long as Laurens happy and its not some ridiculous name, she has good taste though.  I mean come on if ‘Isaac Michael’ isn’t a home run I don’t know what is.

Speaking of home runs the Red Sox hit four or five yesterday on their way to obliterating the Reds.  Shame the Celtics didn’t follow up with a victory but no surprise there I guess.  As much fun as it would’ve been to stick it to Kobe in his own house who really wants to win in an area where the atheletes on the court are better actors than some of the high profile stars dotting the crowd.  I really do want to see that Celtics intro one more time anyways.  I’m praying that KG really amps up the energy along with Pierce and whoever the hell else.  Emotion is what makes the game great and I miss the display that these guys were putting on in the regular season.  Seriously guys, this is the finals, you’re on the brink of the first NBA championship of your already overdue careers, let it out!  I wanna see screaming chest pounding heroics left and right, and enjoy every second of it.  My vote for finals MVP is going to go to James Posey, I know he’s not quite the truth and doesn’t match the scoring average of Ray Allen but who cares, this guy is a warrior and plays hard every second on the floor.  He is a playmaking defensive catalyst in a series where defense has been inarguably the deciding factor.

Okay I’m done my sports rant.  Seriously though, thank god my brother and his family are here.  Aside from the fact that Isaac is the most adorable two year old alive (he repeats EVERYTHING, so much that I’m afraid to even curse under my breath around here), having them around is just awesome.  My brother has jumped right on me to get working on some of his pet projects which has me diving head first into my rusted CSS and xml skills (you should see these on display in this blog when I start customizing it).  We all have our own cooking nights where we have to plan, make and clean up dinner, Lauren has Mondays, Chris takes Tuesdays while I have Thursdays.  This week Lauren and I switched which means I’ve got to come up with something for tonight, I’m thinking catfish maybe.  Chris is also on board with my climbing wall project, which by the way I think I figured out the perfect spot for.  At first we weren’t sure if we could do it seeing as space here is incredibly tight and building a climbing wall tends to get real expensive real fast.  However my new location should solve both of those problems, its true what they say, Location is everything.  More on that later, hell more on everything later, I’ve got to get back to work.

In my next post I’ll try to layout all my plans for this blog.  There are a bunch of things I’ve been meaning to do for quite a while and what better time than now or better place than here.

I’ll leave you with my favorite quote from the past week.

Lauren “Isaac why are you running around without a shirt on?”

Isaac: “Cuz I’m a MAN!”

Yep thats my influence.


3 Responses to “The Full House”

  1. Haha Isaac is awesome. I bet he’s bigger than the last time I saw him.

    Posey (a former Nug) for MVP? I’ll be damned. I hope the Finals go 7 games. On the record – GO LAKERS!

    Keep us updated on your climbing wall project, I’m curious on how it’ll turn out.

  2. steph anne Says:

    i read the whole thing EXCEPT the sports section. ;-p

    i love big families and you’re lucky!! kids say the cutest & silliest things ever.

    suggest the name – pineapple to your brother and his wife. lol since tyler refuse to let me name our kid pineapple. 😦

    p.s. catfish=ew!

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